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What is REDCArmy Campaign?
REDCArmy Campaign 2022 is an influencer community structure built to trigger the organic growth of users. Anyone can join REDCArmy and perform the tasks designed on monthly basis to get points. Based on points achieved, REDCArmy is ranked and rewarded.
How can I join REDCArmy?
To join REDCArmy, fill out this form and reach out to community admins in Telegram.
Who should join REDCArmy?
If you believe in what RedChillies Labs believes in, you should join REDCArmy. If you are active in social media (like twitter, telegram, youtube), if you are active in blog writings or article writings or memes/stickers/banner designings, you should join REDCArmy.
How much can I earn as REDCArmy?
REDCArmy benefits and rewards are based on ranks. Complete more and more monthly tasks to accumulate points and get promotions to increase your earnings.
What kind of tasks need to be completed?
Every 1st of a month, a list of tasks is posted with a points system. Tasks can range from designing banners, writing articles, tweeting post, making videos, setting up conferences, making stickers, and more.
What are the levels of ranking in REDCArmy?
There are 11 levels of ranking and each level has limited quotas and allocated funds for rewards. There will be a maximum of 66 REDCArmy in 2022. And a total of 200 REDC will be allocated for each rank each month at the start.
Rank 1: Private = 11 positions Rank 2: Specialist = 10 positions Rank 3: Corporal = 9 positions Rank 4: Sergeant = 8 positions Rank 5: Commander = 7 positions Rank 6: Lieutenant = 6 positions Rank 7: Captain = 5 positions Rank 8: Major = 4 positions Rank 9: Colonel = 3 positions Rank 10: Brigadier = 2 positions Rank 11: General = 1 positions
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