Rules: P2P Prediction Market
P2P Prediction Markets are available for hosting with REDC token and for making prediction with PLAY token.
Here are some of the rules to understand P2P Prediction Market:
  • It costs 0.1 REDC token to host a game. However, hosting more than one game while already 'hosted game' has not ended yet, it costs 1 REDC. Hosts cannot make prediction in self-hosted games. ( Hosts are expected to encourage and bring players so that 10% Host Reward gets more profitable. )
  • You can bet only once per wallet per game.
  • Minimum amount to place a bet is 5 REDC.
  • Making predictions with more REDC or risking a high amount is not always going to reward you better. It is important to understand this game as “for-against” prediction market. Even a minimum 5 REDC bet can reward you 1000 REDC or sometimes 10,000 REDC bet can reward you only 100 REDC.
  • Analyze already placed bets in a game before betting your amount.
  • When a game event ends, rewards are distributed after oracle verification – this process might take as little as 15 minutes to max 12 hours period. Host rewards are directly sent while winners need to claim their rewards from “My Games” page.
  • Each transaction - “Hosting”, “Placing Prediction” and “Claiming Rewards” may take transaction fee of around 1.8 Zil.
  • Please do not bet or host simultaneously using multiple browser tabs.
  • All game results are resolved on final outcome of each game.
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