RedChillies Labs
RedChillies Labs, Inc. is a US-based company that contributes to the development of an open, decentralized, and permissionless world through DApps for mass adoption of blockchain technology.
RedChillies Labs' core team is focused on Gaming and GameFi with other collaborations like Review Capital for decentralized news platforms.

Gaming Platform

ZilChill gaming platform offers decentralized Prediction Markets, Real-time Sports Prediction, Multi-Player Ludo Dice and more.
Utilizing REDC token, users can host (create) games and use ZIL token for playing.
ZilChill | Decentralized Gaming Platform Built on Zilliqa with REDC Token

GameFi Platform

The GameFi platform of ZilChill allows users to deposit or borrow REDC tokens at varying interest rates depending on the GameFi programs.
For borrowing REDC token, GameFi smart contract accepts ZIL, zWBTC, zETH, zUSDT, gZIL tokens only as collateral.
Users can utilize their borrowed REDC token to create or host games or to play games.

Collaborated Platform

Review Capital is a decentralized open source project built on Zilliqa blockchain that focuses on building DApps related to news and reviews industry.
ReviewCapital - A decentralized new portal built on Zilliqa
Multiplayer chess game built on Zilliqa.
UFF Sports
UFFS is the world's first fantasy sports ecosystem disrupting the way consumers play Fantasy Sports.
We are passionate about building the best platform that will provide a superior experience to millions of sports fans worldwide.
Blockchain Fantasy Sports | UFF Sports
UFF Sports 2021