Seed Investment Partner (SIP) Program


Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are relatively new asset classes built on blockchain technology. Even though we strongly believe in the future of the crypto world, they are subject to unique and substantial risks, and historically, have been subject to significant price volatility. The value of an investment in the "Funds" could decline significantly and without warning, including to zero. You should be prepared to lose your entire investment. The Funds may not achieve its investment objective.


RedChillies Labs, Inc. registered in Wyoming, USA manages 4 categories of funds under its Incubation and Seed Investment Partner (SIP) program. These "Funds" are completely associated with SIP and Incubated projects.

  1. Web3 Gaming Funds

  2. DeFi Funds

  3. NFT/Metaverse Funds

  4. Creator Economy Funds

Headquartered in Wyoming, RedChillies Labs' team comprises blockchain and web3 builders with extremely deep technical expertise. Our team has worked in the blockchain sector with well-known partners, hence the vision of "Web3 Incubator By Web3 Builders". We have the proper knowledge to curate blockchain-based web3 projects with proven results.

These "Funds" are associated with only projects we incubate, which means investments are executed with due diligence by professionals and experts in the field. Through these funds, investors get curated early exposure to blockchain and crypto assets.

SIP Membership:

To participate as Seed Investment Partner (SIP), you need to get a membership subscription. Only SIP membership grants you access to all incubated web3 projects of RedChillies Labs. SIP membership unlocks features like 1:1 consultation with RedChillies Labs, demos of incubated projects, all conference events organized by RedChillies Labs, and 1:1 meet up with project founders.

Basic membership includes only one request a month while Pro membership includes multiple requests a month.

Funds Structure:

Class A:

Class B

Class C

Assets Portfolio in Funds

Procedures for Getting Involved as SIP member:

Step 1: Reach out to to schedule a consultation on SIP.

Step 2: Choose your preferred Funds Category and Class.

Step 3: Get your SIP membership.

Step 4: Schedule another consultation to commit investment, when you're interested in any incubated projects.

Step 5: Receive your allocation term sheet on SIP.

Step 6: Deposit investment funds.

Step 7: Participate or request demos of incubated projects.

Step 8: Renew SIP membership every month or yearly or perpetually.

Step 9: Track your investments.

Note: If you are not prepared to accept significant and unexpected changes in the value of the Funds and the possibility that you could lose your entire investment in the Funds you should not invest in the Funds.

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