Products & Services

A. Direct Consultation on Blockchain & Web3 (DCB) Program

You can directly consult with blockchain experts now. To get into WIP program or SIP program, please schedule a 1:1 video/phone meeting.

Consultation TypeDurationCost

Incubation - Web3 Projects


$19 / $29

Investment - Web3 Investors


$49 / $79

Crypto Support for Beginners


$19 / $29

Tokenomics Analysis


$49 / $79

Web3 Product Analysis


$49 / $79

Crypto Portfolio Analysis


$49 / $79

Events, Hackathon, Conference


Based on email

Only emails related to "Invitation for event, hackathon or conference" will be responded. Our team members can join as speakers or judges.

B. Web3 Incubated Project (WIP) Program

Schedule a direct consultation to apply.


  • Early-stage need-based funding to web3 projects in the range of 5k to 100k.

  • Mentorship from blockchain experts and leaders.

  • Code review and smart contract audits.

  • Product launch is 100% guaranteed in RedChillies Labs.

  • Community building and user reach.

  • Networking and VCs opportunities for next level growth.

  • Exchanges listing and market-making support.

Our team has built and evolved through multiple Web3 projects, and we exactly have those web3 skills from the ground level to understand your need for funding, user acquisition, and connections.

C. Seed Investment Partner (SIP) Program

You must have a membership to access SIP & Funds Category. Basic membership provides "single request per month" access while pro membership includes all features.

SIP MembershipBasic MembershipPro Membership











  • Investment opportunities in WIP at early seed stage before the public.

  • Direct meetings with the WIP project team.

  • 1:1 consultation on web3 investments.

  • Access to all events and conferences organized by RedChillies.

  • Demos and stats reports of incubated projects.

  • Access to Fund Classes.

  • Crypto Portfolio Analysis.

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